Original American Muffins

American Bagel Company Muffins

American Muffins: tasty, luscious, fluffy

You recognize original muffins by their tasty-luscious gusto and their fluffy structure with rifts on top. Everybody loves these light round yeast-leavened buns, either for breakfast or, at any time of the day, as a little snack. At American Bagel Company Muffins are available in two sizes.

Muffins weight c. 85 grams
Mini-Muffins weight c. 30 grams


  • Blueberry
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Natural with Chocolate chips
  • Banana & Chocolate
  • Apple & Cinnamon
  • Vanilla (not illustrated)
  • Cranberry & Orange

Other varieties on demand – just give us call.
Phone +49  40 – 41 42 44 63

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Muffin Blueberry

Muffin Blaubeere

Muffin Dark Chocolate


Muffin Banana & Chocolate

Muffin Banane-Schokolade

Muffin Cranberry-Orange

Muffin Cranberry-Orange

Muffin Natural with Chocolate chips

Muffin Natur mit Schokostücken