Bagel der American Bagel Company - Hamburg, Germany

Original American Bagels

Our bagels are available in the following varieties: Corn grits, Natural, Poppy seeds, Whole wheat and rye, Onions, Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds, Everything, Sesame, Cinnamon & raisins, Spinach.

Kosher & Halal Bagel der American Bagel Company - Hamburg, Germany

Original American Bagels – certified 100% vegan and 'Kosher'

The American Bagel Company is baking also vegan and Kosher
 and is certified by the Jewish Chabad Centre Hamburg.

Bagels according to Original American Recipes

For Gastronomy & Retailers

The American Bagel Company is a Hamburg based Bakery that produces Bagels and supplies mainly retailers, such as cafés, coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants, hotels, and caterers.

Delivery service within the city of Hamburg. Deliveries throughout Germany, Europe and worldwide by expert frozen foods logistics partners.

In Germany, Europe and around the world, cafes, bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels and caterers receive their original American bagels shock-frozen via selected frozen-food logistics partners.

International Customers

Bienvenue sur le Bagel Bakery Américaine Bagel Company! Pour obtenir plus d’informations, veuillez consulter notre site et en anglais s.v.p.

Bienvenidos a la Panadería Bagel! Para obtener más información por favor visite nuestra página web en inglés.

Willkommen bei der Bagel Bäckerei American Bagel Company! Für weitere Informationen sehen Sie bitte unsere Seiten auf Deutsch.

Note for end-customers

Some stores in Hamburg carry our bagel products in small quantities (all under a few hundred pieces) for direct acquisition for end customers.

-> contact details for direct purchase for end customers

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