Original Product Quality

Bagel of the American Bagel Company in Hamburg, Germany

Traditionally, the dough for bagels is prepared of flour, water, yeast, sugar, and salt but, however, without fat. After being shaped into rings, the dough is kept cool for one day at around 4 degrees Celsius, which allows for the typical skin to form on the outside. The next day, the raw bagels are dumped into boiling hot water and then baked in the oven. In a bakery, the raw bagels which have been formed by a dough processing machine are directly put into the big oven where steam is added before the actual baking. This is how the finished bagel gets its specific consistency: it has a very delicate crust on the outside and is soft but chewy on the inside.

With regard to the production of original bagels, cakes and pastries, American Bagel Company lay the utmost stress up on highest quality standards. This is why they use nothing but fresh, choice ingredients from reliable suppliers. In order to offer its customers an authentic experience of taste, American Bagel Company even imports the dough processing machines for the production of the bagels directly from a manufacturer in New York City.

The American Bagel Company produces ready-baked bagels which are delivered fresh from the oven, as well as pre-baked bagels and raw bagels which are deep frozen and delivered worldwide by expert logistics partners.