100% vegan and ‘Kosher’ certified Bagels of the American Bagel Company

bagel vegan kosher

100% vegan and ‘kosher’ certified bagels

Respect and responsibility for its consumers worldwide is the guiding principle of American Bagel Company regardless of their religious orientation.

As a logical consequence, the American Bagel Company has been certified as a ‘Kosher’ carrier with its vegan bagels.

All product content is vegan and comes from Kosher-compatible ingredients, just as all production steps meet Kosher’s best practices. As a result, your customers enjoy ethical, safe, hygienic and healthy products. As the owner of the official Kosher certification, the American Bagel Company is proud to share its versatile bagel production with Jewish communities for many years, as well as exporting its pure vegan bagels to Arab and Southeast Asian countries.

The ‘Kosher’-Certificate

has been issued by Rabbi Shlomo Bistritzky from Chabad-Center Hamburg. The certification ensure that American Bagel Company’s products for jewish food markets are produced in full compliance of Kosher principles.

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