The Founders

Randy Adams und Mathias Letsch

Randall “Randy” Adams Born in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1955, Randall “Randy” Adams is what you could call a natural fan of bagels. He has been living in Hamburg, Germany, since 1997. Mathias Letsch Mathias Letsch, born 1958 in Hamburg, has spent one year living in the United States where he came to love those … Read more …

The Production

Bagel-production check and freshness guaranteed with American Bagel Company

Quality approved und Freshness guaranteed The American Bagel Company produces ready-baked bagels which are delivered fresh from the oven as well as pre-baked bagels and raw bagels which are deep frozen and transported worldwide by expert logistics partners. Nothing but fresh choice ingredients from reliable suppliers, strict hygiene requirements during processing, well trained employees and a constant quality control of products, storage, packaging and transportation: We assure highend and … Read more …

The Delivery (worldwide)

Delivery of the American Bagel Company from Hamburg

Product Delivery Based in Hamburg, the important german seaport town, American Bagel Company delivers its delicious bakery products to regional and national customers, throughout Europe and all over the world. Within the city of Hamburg, we provide our own delivery service. Of course, if you choose to do so, it is also possible to pick up the ordered merchandise … Read on …