The Production

Quality approved und Freshness guaranteed

The American Bagel Company produces ready-baked bagels which are delivered fresh from the oven as well as pre-baked bagels and raw bagels which are deep frozen and transported worldwide by expert logistics partners.

Nothing but fresh choice ingredients from reliable suppliers, strict hygiene requirements during processing, well trained employees and a constant quality control of products, storage, packaging and transportation: We assure highend and safe bakery products.

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Authentic style

In order to offer its customers an authentic experience of taste, American Bagel Company even imports the dough processing machines for the production of the bagels directly from a manufacturer in New York City.

The specific bagel consistence – crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside comes from the particular manufacturing process in two steps: First the raw bagel dough is retarded for 12 – 15 hours. Thereby developing its taste and consistancy.

Then the bagel is steemed and baked to perfection and then shock frozen to ensure utmost freshness.

Bagel-production check and freshness guaranteed with American Bagel Company

American Bagel Company offers a great selection of bagels, each variety with a homemade appereance. All recipes are founded in the original American bakery tradition. The company’s knowledge and experience in the authentic art of bagel-making can be traced back to New York, the world’s main „bagel-city“.