The Founders

Randall Adams

Randall “Randy” Adams

Born in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1955, Randall “Randy” Adams is what you could call a natural fan of bagels. He has been living in Hamburg, Germany, since 1997.

Mathias Letsch

Mathias Letsch

Mathias Letsch, born 1958 in Hamburg, has spent one year living in the United States where he came to love those delicious bagels that are availabe just about everywhere in America.

Asked about their most important criterion of quality, the two partners respond in unison: “Chewy! A good bagel must be chewy. With a very delicate crust on the outside and being soft but chewy on the inside, this is what sets a bagel apart from any ordinary wheat roll.”

Foundation & Development

When Randy and Mathias first met in Hamburg in 1997, they were soon to discover that they had one thing in common. As both of them were particularly fond of those tasty yeast dough rings, it didn’t take much time for them to decide that they wanted to start their own American-style bagel bakery and catering service in Hamburg. Determined to achieve their goal, they went to New York City in order to learn from Jewish master bakers the traditional craft of baking bagels.

Finally, after they had passed their examination at the Hamburg chamber of handicrafts and the special dough processing machines ordered in the U.S. had arrived from New York, their dream was to come true: In January 2001, they were ready for business as the American Bagel Company opened up its premises on Grindelallee in Rotherbaum, the university district of Hamburg. In November 2006 the bakery relocated to larger facilities at the Warnstedtstr. 8, 22525 Hamburg.

Since then, the American Bagel Company’s delicious bagels, freshly baked every day according to original American recipes, enjoy ever growing popularity. The Company is listed in the register of craftsmen of the Hanseatic city of Hamburg and delivers its products to clients not only in Germany, but throughout Europe and all over the world.

At the beginning of 2018, Mathias Letsch retired after 17 years with the American Bagel Company. Sebastian Wüsthoff took over his duties. The company was jointly managed by Randall Adams and Sebastian Wüsthoff. While Randy continued to focus on production and quality management, Sebastian, as a lateral entrant, devoted himself to sales and controlling.

At the end of 2020, Randall Adams also retired and the company was converted into a GmbH.

Sebastian Wüsthoff takes over the management with a focus on sales with immediate effect. Tina Steigler heads production and QM.